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At Saskia Development and Integration, we specialize in applying solutions related to Artificial Intelligence. Based in Switzerland with our development teams in India, our experts approach the digital transformation challenges of your company/industry with creativity and professionalism to find the most efficient solution for your business.

We believe in delivering end-to-end Al integrated applications covering a wide range of companies and industries. To do this, we promote novel technologies such as the digital twin that creates virtual representations of the physical world, mastering its most important interconnections. Our tailor-made solutions help your business to save money, gain time, optimize resources, and expedite the process(es). We deliver a personalized experience to your company/industry, enabling you to build more robust strategies for your business.

Digital Twin

A Solution To Optimize Everything

Drive prodigious businness efficiencies & cocreate digital solutions using our digital twin solutions A digital twin is a virtual model of a physical thing, process, or service that can be used to make data-driven decisions and eliminate inefficiencies in business processes. In essence, a digital twin is a technology that creates virtual representations of the physical world and its many interconnections. Every industrial product will have a dynamic digital representation thanks to the concept of digital twins, which represents the fusion of the physical and virtual worlds. Digital Twins are a long-term digital representation of a physical thing, process, or service’s structure, behavior, and context.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive and prescriptive maintenance methods can be used to predict and prevent asset failure, saving time, money, and productivity.

Remote Monitoring

Digital Twin offers operators the ability to visually experience the operation of a specific asset or a plant and alert/notify or take remedial actions in case of deviation.

Product Design

By using Digital Twin, everything can be connected & virtually designed, validated, & tested to minimize development time, increase quality, & respond to feedback quicker.


Our digital twins can be used to experiment with various what if scenarios before actually manufacturing the product.

Advantages of Digital Twin

Digital Twin Platform Is Beneficial In The Following Ways

With integrated digital twin software platforms and solutions, firms, enterprises, and industries can grow faster and operate more efficiently. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our patented digital twin technology can help you digitize your organization.

They offer a representation of occupancy levels of a given plant, and over time, provide valuable insights into the best ways to configure building, supply processes, and workflows.

Product Management

Digital twins empower product development and continuous improvement processes. As a result of the insights provided, product quality can be improved and plant and asset performance can be enhanced.

Resource Lifetime

Assets, vehicles, production lines, and other resources are more reliable when they are maintained. In order to reduce maintenance costs, it is necessary to predict maintenance issues before they occur.

Risk Management

Assessments of different conditions help provide a risk prognosis in various areas, including product creation, logistics, marketplace reputation, and maintenance of the plant and its assets.

Performance Improvements

As a result, they help identify faulty areas, improve production processes, and establish efficient, effective supply and delivery chains.

Tracking System

As a result, they can accurately pinpoint where assets are located in a given space.

AI-Enabled Digital Twin

The Internet of Things assists the Digital Twins in their work. Real-time data is captured during the process using smart components that are fed by sensors. This data is linked to a cloud-based system that allows for real-time data processing and monitoring. Following data analysis, we can carry out a number of activities to make business decisions.

A key component of the foundation of the digital twin is Artificial Intelligence. The two main parts of the functioning architecture are:

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition focuses on how the digital asset behaves. Advanced Machine Learning and Transfer Learning Methods are two of the technologies used to estimate an asset’s life and failure systems.

Learning Models

Building models that can be continuously validated, tracked, and updated is a part of this process. This is how we can assist you with software platforms and solutions for digital twins, which will serve as a live model of the physical device.

Embark Your Digital Twin Journey With Us

Work with us and see how it goes. We promise to go the extra mile for every project that we take on board.

Artificial Intelligence

Boost productivity, automate your business, and unlock new possibilities

Get hold of reliable and purposeful forecasts with Saskia’s Al/ML services to derive the best of your collected business data, and indulge in smarter decision-making & operations. With Saskia harness the power of AI, data, and data analytics to gain insights, create trusted transactions, and use intelligence in revolutionary, ethical, and safer ways. We will help you achieve automated AI-driven business outcomes by working closely with your data, business, and IT teams.

Machine Learning

To counter business challenges, we offer you Machine Learning algorithms-based solutions that help you develop and deploy personalized and data-intensive solutions.

Computer Vision

We integrate computer vision services and models to recognize and categorize specific places, people, and products, allowing us to gather crucial data and analytics.

Natural Language Processing

Make the most out of your unstructured data,through NLP, and start making smarter decisions for your products & services that enhance your business.

Image Processing & Recognition

A wide spectrum of computer algorithms is employed by us in providing professional Image Processing and Recognition services based on your specific requirements.

Facilitate wide foot of industries

Different Industry Verticals We Serve

Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.


We created a fully streamlined and automated Al workflow based on our expertise with concrete Al projects. It allows for more effective data management and significantly reduced delivery times.


Analyze the problem

We don’t just look for the problem’s root cause; we also calculate the risks it poses in the long run.


Create Impactful Solutions

We develop a solution that is highly adaptable, simple to implement, and can be improvised to the greatest extent possible.


Real-world applications

We implement the solution in the real world while keeping in mind that the end-users are also intelligent.


Why Choose Saskia as Your Digital Twin Development Company?

With the right Al perspective, you can really elevate your business and accelerate your growth with our Digital Twin solution. So, let your business be an innovation addict and see how Saskia does that.

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